about JEN


Jen SluMac is a hope dealer, living a life that aims to make the world beautiful and just for all. She aims to be part of the solution in a world tormented by fear and violence, separateness and isolation. Jen agrees with Mother Teresa who said, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Jen's debut novel, soulnotskin: becoming the me I was meant to be, was inspired by true events. As a queer woman longing for a faith community, her road has been complicated but never deterred. She found her ministry in storytelling - as a graphic designer, comedian/performer, speaker, teacher, and author.

As an educator and counselor, she has worked and volunteered inside of jails, prisons, churches, and schools places that often harm rather than heal or (re)habilitate. She has taken to the streets to meet with those experiencing homelessness and the many challenges that accompany it.

She firmly believes that what primarily ails the human race are symptoms of conscious separation and can be healed in conscious unity. First, we must each do our own work to heal our own wounds so that we can stand in faith rather than judgement of each other.

She has been seen on comedy stages nationwide, as well as NBC, MTV-LOGO, and if you look closely, Comedy Central. She gave up drugs and alcohol in 2001 and has never regretted it. Jen has a gift for producing environments that highlight and foster challenging conversations about the human experience. Her goal these days is to be an inspiration and a practical catalyst for unity - drawing on personal history to help others rise.

Her lifelong faith journey continues and she feels that her real work has just begun. Originally from Chicago, she currently resides in Northern California with her wife Jessie and their fur-babies. She proudly calls a man named Ian her son.


In college I met Suzanne Westenhoeffer. I wanted to do what she did. But differently. 

I admired him - for his talent, recovery and kindness. Photo: Feb. 2012. Thank you, Robin (& wife Susan)

Richard Jeni encouraged me to move to Los Angeles when we performed together in Chicago. He gifted me $100 when I was broke. In exchange, he asked that I pay it forward.


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MOTHER TO A DAUGHTER - performance