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Talking Circles (and Restorative Justice)


Recommended Guide for generating ongoing circles to promote emotional literacy, to promote healing and to build healthy relationships. 

TalkingCircle 1
TalkingCircle Part II

Peacemaking Circle Seven Core Assumptions

       - Kay Pranis & Carolyn Boyes-Watson

  1. The True Self in Everyone Is Good, Wise, and Powerful

  2. The World is profoundly Interconnected

  3. All Human Beings have a Deep Desire to be in a Good Relationship

  4. All Humans Have Gifts & Everyone Is Needed for What They Bring

  5. Everything We Need to Make Positive Change Is Already Here

  6. Human Beings are Holistic

  7. We Need Practices to Build Habits of Living from the Core Self

Peacemaking Circle Seven Key Elements

       - Kris Schweigert

  1. Keeper or Co-Keepers Guide the Process

  2. Ceremony, Intentional Opening and Closing

  3. Talking Piece is Respected and Utilized

  4. Relationships Values Identified as Guidelines

  5. Storytelling to Identify Wisdom

  6. Consensus as Decision Making

  7. Four Stages of the Process are Present


TED TALK - Adam Foss

A prosecutor's vision for a better justice system

Restorative Practices: Implications For Educational Institutions  by Patricia Marshall, Gary Shaw and Elizabeth Freeman Faculty of Education The University of Melbourne, Australia


I had the great fortune to do a project with Deana Van Buren at the county jail in Alameda County, CA. (see below)


This woman is doing incredible work.  Deanna Van Buren designs restorative justice centers that, instead of taking the punitive approach used by a system focused on mass incarceration, treat crime as a breach of relationships and justice as a process where all stakeholders come together to repair that breach. With help and ideas from incarcerated men and women, Van Buren is creating dynamic spaces that provide safe venues for dialogue and reconciliation; employment and job training; and social services to help keep people from entering the justice system in the first place. "Imagine a world without prisons," Van Buren says. "And join me in creating all the things that we could build instead."Learn more here -

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