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jens journey

JEN SLUMAC calls herself a hope dealer. She is a mentor, writer, educator, performer, and producer. She is in long term recovery from alcoholism. She has been seen on NBC, MTV-LOGO, and if you look really close, Comedy Central.


She creates media to inform and inspire while seeking to empower those who live on the margins of society. Her purpose is to be useful rather than awesome. She has worked inside of prisons, jails, faith communities and education systems that often harm rather than (re)habilitate.


Her lifelong faith journey continues and she feels that her real work has just begun. She creates, grows and loves from Northern California where she lives with her wife Jessie and their multiple fur-babies. She proudly calls a man named Ian her son.

In college I met Suzanne Westenhoeffer. I wanted to do what she did. But differently. 

I admired him - for his talent, recovery and kindness. Photo: Feb. 2012. Thank you, Robin (& wife Susan)

Richard Jeni encouraged me to move to Los Angeles when we performed together in Chicago. He gifted me $100 when I was broke. In exchange, he asked that I pay it forward.


MOTHER TO A DAUGHTER - performance