Not Made

We live in a world that peddles somebody else’s fiction as stand-alone truth. What kind of society teaches a child they are not made of the stuff that God loves, especially when God IS the stuff that they are made of?

Stop putting your (ideas) costumes on me. So many layers. That are not me.

Designed of stories told from old beliefs and ideas that made sense of a world that has evolved beyond their fiction. A quilt of other people’s ought to’s and what you should and shouldn’t do and be and feel… Your fear is suffocating me. I am free.

I will not spend my life dedicated to being what you see. Because that is not who I am. I am more than an idea. I am a prism…

I won't spend my life learning to be what you think you see. At birth I was set free. To become ME. I am a spark of life set free by my Creator to tell my story of triumph as I've experienced it.

And so it is.

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