Family Night - Important Conversations

ANTIOCH, CA January 8, 2018

What a wonderful and eye-opening evening! Thank you to RI International's April Langro, Recovery Services Administrator - Contra Costa Programs for planning one of the first IMPORTANT conversations WITH MS JEN in Contra Costa County!

Community gathered and we feasted on a bountiful spaghetti dinner and casually mingled, getting to know each other. I was able to meet some folks from the community who call April's location in Antioch CA a safe place to visit, take classes and feel embraced.

The conversations part of the evening was very organic and warm. A few people were dealing directly with loved ones in the disease of addiction, and were relieved to be able to ask questions and get support for difficult decisions they have made or think about making. I was honored to speak to several people one-on-one after the group conversation to further support them through tears and fears.

Some people who use drugs and alcohol become dependent on them. We love them and can become very confused about what to do to help.

Important Conversations with Ms. Jen is a great starting point for finding community around difficult issues. BOOK JEN to get the conversation started.

COMING SOON: A regular schedule of Important Conversation Events, with specific topics. Some may be LIVE and in person, some may be LIVE and online. Stay Tuned!

Don't forget to come and see Jen and Friends at LIFE IS A COMEDY on Friday, January 19 in San Leandro, CA! Buy tickets online and save $3. See you there!!

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