Become yourself.

We tend to play the comparison game a lot as humans. We want so badly to do what others do, have what others have, that we completely miss our own gifts. Everyone is talented, everyone has gifts. They can be buried beneath defense mechanisms, coping strategies, shame and people pleasing. These are the silt that accumulates upon us and covers up the treasure during the many seasons and storms of life.

Take the time to see what gifts you have. What brings you joy? Take time to look in the mirror and learn to love your belly, your crows feet, your changing hands. You've earned them. You are the only you in the history of the world. Just you.

The world needs you to discover your joy and connect with others who have discovered their joy. When we pool our resources we are much more effective. We are a team without a jersey. The human race is a family and everyone needs to participate for us to get well. Maybe you shine shoes, give that towel an extra snap! Are you a cashier? Hold the smile a little longer for the last three customers. An artist? Lose yourself in your paints or pencils or music, and then share it.

Are you good at explaining things? Building things? Noticing details, driving, singing, comforting, leading...

Find what you love. It will reveal your role. Stand alongside another and notice and celebrate the differences you bear. Then grab hands and notice how much you can do... together.

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