Learn to simply honor the journey of another.

Courageous truth.

"One man willing to give up his power because he knew what he knew; that he loved his child and he was willing to do whatever it takes to honor the journey of another."

As I consider this upcoming year and how I want to position myself and my book, I was thinking, I don't want to fight for gay rights. I don't want to argue theology with Christians. At the risk of sounding corny as heck, I don't wanna fight. Life is precious and I choose love. Why? It is because for every "us and them" that any of us creates, we complicate the united WE.

I want to live to model love and preach personal responsibility among the human spirit. I want to stand for the honoring of each others journey. I want to encourage people to do the hard work of going to their own center and finding out who they are. And living as that.

A personal, private, sincere seeking of God - whatever that means for you. With this conscious effort to help inform our maturation, we develop the character of someone capable of honoring the journey of another.

Stop relying on people for the answers.

Go directly to God. Stop feeling the need to be right about what is right.

Discover what empowers you to love God, love yourself, and love others.

And by finding that, your capacity to love unconditionally will help others along.


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