Prevent vs. Cure

I've lost some of the most important people in my life to this monster.

What if the cure for cancer isn't in a pill or a poison or a vegetable juice? What if the surgeries and the chemo and the Gerson Therapy are merely the necessary reactions to TREAT something we have had too narrow a view of to PREVENT?


Social Stress | Toxic Stress



Unprocessed Grief

What if the cure for cancer is in the returning to community, to valuing one another.

To supporting one another, to learning the skills to advocate for ourselves so that our needs aren't buried deep beneath compliance that we may survive in the moment?

What if the cure for cancer is in learning to communicate our story that we don't pretend what IS is not... what if it's in putting down the mask and we just say it?

What if we just say we're scared?



What if we learn to acknowledge our story and our experience without needing to blame someone else because we've finally learned that we are all self-centered and solely focused on one of two things: getting what we want or not losing what we have?

What if the cure for cancer is a shift toward personal accountability, universal equity, and LOVE (agape-type-love).

What if the cure for cancer is in the clearing our body of trauma?

What if the cure for cancer is in asking for help and developing a support system?

What if the cure for cancer is in simply taking responsibility for our own healing, and coming together with others - with a prayerful willingness to authentically RE-discover WE?




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