Wanting More

What is it in the idea of "more" that has so many of us stuck? It rarely matters what it is. More pizza, more responsibility, more money, more time.

What I really need is more rest. More appreciation and focus on what is here, now. I need more realistic expectations of my time. When I stay in action I recognize what is involved in getting things done. I have a better idea of how long it actually takes to do things well.

On the other hand, when I stay in thinking/fantasy, I see beginnings with a time-elapsed montage of minimal effort that concludes in large paychecks and applause. This is unrealistic.

My brain dashes rapidly through volumes of ideas and I must learn to take a thumbtack, stick it in my shirt sleeve, and stay put in the NOW that I have before me.

Such big ideas all of the time. Such in-gratitude of wanting all the time while sitting in the richness of God's Grace. It is no doubt an illness of sorts, call it mental or spiritual, to want when living in such luxury.

God, please help me us to see what we have. Help us to see what Mother Earth is asking of us for survival. Help us to live our lives in action, divorcing our thoughts from self-pity and self-centered-ness. God, in spite of hormonal swings, moods and stressful situations, help us to stay close to You and be Your hands and feet.

Such beautiful weather today.

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