These evenings are always exciting! Ms. Jen is your storytelling host - she may workshop a scene from her upcoming one-woman show, read a portion of her upcoming book, or even do a set of stand-up comedy herself! A seasoned entertainer and public speaker, she always has something unique that you don't want to miss! Also, enjoy four of the HOTTEST COMICS to hit the stage. Jen can produce a show for you, contact her for details about customization and price. Recommended as assemblies for treatment centers, schools, corporate gigs, or college groups. Contact me through this site to discuss your needs.

September 28, 2018

August 31, 2018

Live Reading: Novel to be released in Spring 2019

Performance of a WORKING SCENE 'looking for stage time'

March 23, 2018

January 19, 2018



This show was part theater, part classroom. Jen performed pieces that illustrate the realities of addiction in the family, then held a classroom - type event teaching basics of addiction and its effects on the family. 

These shows are customizable and a powerful way to start a dialogue with anyone about difficult topics.

These events can be quite interactive. Recommended as assemblies as workshops for treatment centers, schools, congregations, college groups. Contact me through this site to discuss your needs.

September 2017

other projects

air check - vocal producer

Jen's Air Check - Jen SluMac
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appearance on local radio

2018 - Jen on Local Radio - Ms. Jen
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important conversations

Important Conversations with Ms. Jen takes her experience with "recovery" beyond alcohol and into larger conversations of healing self in community.


She specializes in generating rich and practical conversations about the complex bio-psycho-social and spiritual human experience. We are all in "recovery" from our childhood. All of our physical bodies grew up around our inner children whether we matured or not.  Jen helps illuminate common barriers to our emotional and spiritual maturity which provides inner peace and ultimately leads to healthier selves -> families -> communities.

Artists & Growth


Mike Van Vliet can be found on Instagram @maui_arts



EDITING: by Ms. Jen  

Ronell Ellis with HealthRIGHT 360 in Antioch, CA holds workshops once a month addressing the community - formerly incarcerated and their loved ones - regarding REENTRY, THE BIG PICTURE.

This video was created to assist explaining what a Restorative Justice Community Circle is. edited by Ms. Jen

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