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I have had the privilege to work inside county jails and state prisons with men and women who are in treatment. It's critical that the work I do happen in these jails, prisons and treatment centers.

AND I strongly believe that people need not find themselves incarcerated or in treatment to learn the things that I teach. I believe that the courageous conversations I have the privilege of facilitating on the inside NEED to be happening on the outside too. I recognize that learning about addiction (to substance or behavior) and how it affects families and society at large will not solve all of the world's problems. From where I sit, it's one hell of a place to start.

I have witnessed countless people who, learning and accepting the true nature of their condition, have reconstructed their lives and relationships. It begins with awareness and truth-telling.

This can only happen when we speak up respectfully; when we listen fully to each other. 

I want to initiate these presentations/conversations in our churches, community centers, schools (elementary, junior high, high school and college, adult school), hospitals, police departments, city councils, PTA gatherings, sports teams... Wherever there are people, there are people affected by addiction and all that it drags along with it. 


I have done stand-up, improv, theater and teaching for many years so my delivery is fun, accessible and engaging. It's inevitable because it's not an act. It's who I am!

Please help provide spaces and audiences for these important conversations.

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