Dr. King Jr. and Seeking a True Brotherhood of Man


* This one gets heavy.*

If you manage to get through this entire post, I encourage you to spend some time in quiet reflection about your feelings and thoughts that result. I bring up difficult topics that we are accustomed to changing the channel about. We have a tendency to dismiss "it's not my problem", or "oh, here we go", or "I have problems too"... That's not what this is about. This is about - in the privacy of your own spirit - question yourself. See what you find.

He evolved before our eyes, always true to his soul's mission. He sought to align society with Divine principles of justice and equality. He sought a True Brotherhood of Man. He lived the years of 25 to 39 ministering to the souls of those who were willing to step outside of societies constructs (racism, capitalism, war, poverty) and all of the damage that they cause. He ministered to courageous souls that were tangled in the dissonance of what the world says is right and what the Soul and Divine say are right.

He did more than a speech called "I Have a Dream". What a wonderful speech, and a day of bringing people together no matter the color of their skin, but it gathered humans by common content of character.

Did you know that prior to his assassination he had become convinced of the need for another March on Washington? Did you know that he'd begun to see the soul-sickness he sought to bring to light in other manifestations? Did you know that he'd realized the power of people working together across skin color and to common purpose? He'd begun to evolve into a very different leader. The courage and eloquence that made him a successful leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott at 25 years old, coupled with his discipline and Faith in a Power Much Greater than himself, allowed extraordinary growth in those 14 years before he was taken from us.

But he was taken from us. In Skin. Not in Soul. We can take the baton and move forward in the path that he initiated. We can do it together.

How will you help?

It may be that you choose to march. It may be that you choose to say hello to someone you would typically divert eyes from and move briskly past. It may be in recognizing your own initial judgements and asking yourself, "What if I'm wrong?"... there are many ways, big and small that we can transform the temperature of society from consumerism to compassion. It takes all of us. One day at a time.