Am I your biggest fear?

By Charlie Lewin | GUEST BLOGGER

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Am I your biggest fear?

Because you taught me to think

But don’t allow me to ask

You want me to share things;

But then take me to task

That I would be the apple in the box

The one that turned sour?

You wanted a bouquet,

but you only got a flower…

Do I disturb your sensibilities

Or ruin all your plans?

You keep on chasing bubbles in the wind

Expecting them to land

Or do I mess up

your perfect vision of a perfect home

Because you ordered precious diamonds

but had to settle with stones.

And Do i rattle

All your ‘safe spaces’

where your locks and chains are bolted

Onto your shiny golden cages

Is that your biggest fear?

It’s really easy not to see

a reflection of your flaws

when you cover up the mirror

With tinfoil and gauze

Can we be real for a minute

Are all your fears your own