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el mundo de hoy

Like girl scouts selling cookies at the doorway of all my thoughts,

He stands steady in his faceless cloak gripping a scythe

He has no eyes but his presence permeates me. all. day. long.

The flavors he offers are endless and most recently they bully my ambition.

Colon cancer. Blood clot in the lung. Car accident. Be-ing-Black.

Corona Virus, wildfire, tropical storm, suicide.

My mortality leads me around like a mother holding her child's hand

pulling me urgently through the crowd that is life as if we may miss a bus.

I gotta make time to tell her no. I will rest.

While I am not spending my body's energy physically working day by day

Anxiety spends it like somebody else's money and tells me, in a sing-song-tease,

that there is no tomorrow. I must hurry.

If I were to die today, I want to have been peaceful and useful. Treating each moment with the appreciation it deserves.

En el mundo de hoy, debo ser intencional con mis momentos. Son preciosos.


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