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"... provides the light of hope 

for healing..." 

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Download, print and distribute this PDF, or purchase and donate the book. Place them where the story can help. Churches, gay bars, high schools, treatment centers, waiting rooms, bookstores and coffee shops.


“Yes, some of the gay community is promiscuous, and addicted and more frequently suicidal than straights. But we aren’t those things because we are gay. We are those things because we’ve been taught that God doesn’t love us. Think about that for a moment. We’ve been taught that God doesn’t love us.”

  reviewS of SOULNOTSKIN: 



"...Living in pursuit of her own dignity, the author takes us down the rabbit hole of her evolution

through choices made in her search to reclaim it. The light of hope that shines on in her journey to heal and reclaim her power honors those who are still suffering and those who have since healed.

This light of hope will shine into the hearts of everyone that this story encounters."


"I adored this book. To see this story as simply a coming of age story does not do it justice.

It is a portrait of trauma and conflict and eventual compassion for the author herself.

It is also a fearless walk through the darkness into the light for those of us

who can relate and an outstretched hand to those who need it. Very well done!"

"...She was a broken soul hiding in plain sight, just like I was. I saw so many of my own struggles

with self-worth in this book and selfishly, it provided so much comfort to know that I was not the only one. I guess we all battle inner demons. Bravo, Jen! Your courage to share yourself

is an absolute triumph and I will be suggesting this book to many!"

"Truth is really the theme of this work.  Jen takes readers through her journey to find her own truth,

as a queer woman, as a minister’s child, as a child of God.  Reckless truth-telling is often messy and

scary but always necessary and Jen’s story is all of those things.  People are not responsible

for the hurts that have happened to them, but they are responsible for their own healing.

This book gives us a clear-eyed look at the pain homophobia and patriarchy and alcoholism

can cause, and the hard work Jen has done to heal from that pain.  Jen’s story is

one of perseverance and courage and above all, of coming into the light."



JEN SLUMAC is known as a hope dealer. She is a mentor, writer, educator, designer, performer, and producer -- living a life that aims to make the world beautiful for all - to dismantle stigma and empower those who live on the margins of society.


As an educator and counselor, she has worked inside of prisons, churches, and schools. Jen takes to the streets to meet with those experiencing homelessness and the many challenges that accompany it. She has witnessed that current systems and institutions often fail the people most in need of their help.


She has been seen on NBC, MTV-LOGO, and if you look closely, Comedy Central. She is in long term recovery

from alcoholism, sober since 2001. SLUMAC has a gift

for producing environments that highlight -- and foster conversation about -- the universal human experience.

Her goal these days is to be a practical catalyst for unity, drawing on personal history to help others rise.

Jen's debut novel, SOULNOTSKIN, is inspired by true events. As a queer woman longing for a faith community, her road has been complicated but never deterred. Jen has found her ministry in storytelling - as graphic designer, a standup comedian, a keynote inspirational speaker, entertaining educator, and author.


Her faith journey continues as she creates, grows, and loves from Northern California, where she lives with her wife, Jessie, and their fur-babies. She proudly calls a man named Ian her son.