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This show was part theater, part classroom. Jen performed pieces that illustrate the realities of addiction in the family, then held a classroom - type event teaching basics of addiction and its effects on the family. 

These shows are customizable and a powerful way to start a dialogue with anyone about difficult topics.

These events can be quite interactive. Recommended as assemblies as workshops for treatment centers, schools, congregations, college groups. Contact me through this site to discuss your needs.


Courageous conversations

Important Conversations with Ms. Jen takes a turn into COURAGEOUS Conversations with Denese Dillihant and Jen SluMac. These two women met as two co-workers. They quickly realized that their conversations might be interesting and even useful to others. So they decided to have more conversations in front of a microphone.


Spend time with Ms. Jen and DD as they take on challenging topics. We're glad you're here!


alcohol and it's "ism"

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